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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

NOTE: All Chempace parts detergents are designed to produce little or no foam. In some systems excessive air may be induced into the solution by a leak or with extraordinary agitation. Foam may also be produced by a contaminant, such as a fatty acid based lubricant reacting with an alkaline cleaning solution to produce a soap. In these situations a small amount of defoamer may be introduced to the surface of the solution tank to maintain control.

Defoam #50B
A premix emulsion based, water soluble defoamer which can be added directly to your wash tank or machining sump providing instantaneous foam reduction. Defoam 50B interacts with the interfacial tension of foam causing moledcules cused by saponification, as well as chemical or pressure induced foaming. This interaction theby reduces the surface tension of the bubble resulting in rapid breakdown of the foam.

Benefits: Defoam 50B will provide fast and effective foam knockdown of existing foam, and provides suppression for subsequent foaming. Defoaming 50B is formulated to be used as received, eliminating the need for premixing, and making it the perfect choice for use in metering systems.

Defoam #100
Defoamer. Liquid. Concentrate. Defoam #100 diluted = Defoam #9 above. May be used full strength or diluted 1:10 water for spray application. Opaque, white; details on request.

Benefits: Defoam 100 will provide fast and effective foam knockdown of existing foam, and provides suppression for subsequent foaming. Defoam 100 may be used as received, however it is more effective to pre-mix 50/50 with existing tank solution or tap water allowing for more rapid dispersion.


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