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Rinse Aid
For Spray-Rinse or Dip-Rinse Applications

Spotless prevents virtually all spots and streaks which occur on thoroughly cleaned surfaces. Such spots and streaks are caused by hard water - if drops of water dry on the surface, minerals in the water remain on the surface as visible, white deposits. Spotless prevents this by causing the water to run off before it can dry.

If spots and streaks are not white, they are probably caused by very small, sometimes invisible, dirt particles which were not removed by washing and plain-water rinsing. In such cases, Spotless in the rinse water always improves results; it frequently eliminates the problem.

Recommended Quantities

For hard water spots... Usually 1:2000 water = 0.06 oz/gal = 6oz/100 gal.
For other rinse problems. Minimum1:500 water = 0.25 oz/gal = 25oz/100 gal.

Spotless has very low foam at all temperatures. For spray-rinse applications, feed Spotless into the rinse water with a positive-displacement pump or with a suitable suction device.

Properties & Precautions

Spotless is a colorless, low viscosity liquid with no cloud point. Experience indicates no harm to normal skin under normal use conditions. Avoid contact with eyes; for contact, rinse at once with water. Keep out of reach of children.


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