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Use on all metals. At recommended use dilutions and temperatures, will not corrode or discolor any metal including aluminum and other soft metals and alloys. Prevents in-wash rust; prevents after-wash rust for over two years under normal inside-storage conditions. Use also on glass, most plastics, and other materials not affected by moderate alkalinity.

Removes cutting oils, petroleum oils, vegetable oils, paper labels. Removes most other lubricants, drawing compounds, buffing compounds, Rust Inhibitors, waxes, mold-release agents, marking inks, and many other industrial substances.

Performance Properties & Active Components

Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water. Its low viscosity assures consistently accurate solutions when fed through a metering pump or suction device such as a venturi injector. At recommended use dilutions it provides:

  • Quick wetting, penetration, dispersion and suspension of dirt but with limited emulsification; limited emulsification increases the effectiveness of skimming or coalescing and thus prolongs bath life in spray washers.
  • Very low foam at any temperature even under the severe foam-generating conditions inherent in these methods because of their mechanical action.
  • In-wash rust prevention, and if not rinsed off, after-wash rust prevention for over 2 years under normal inside-storage conditions.
  • Lubricity for proper roll-over of parts and media when used in vibratory or spindle or tumbling machines.
  • Quick, virtually spot-free rinsing, if desired, and scale-free equipment --- due to low surface tensions and deactivation of calcium and other hard-water ions.

Contains buffered alkalies, organic chelant, corrosion preventive, rust preventive, and a synergistic blend of anionic and nonionic wetting agents, penetrants, and dispersants. Contains no phosphates, no nitrites, no chromates.

Dilute In Water To Suit The Job

For use in spray washers and immersion tanks:

Rust prevention not needed, use at least............................................. 1% = 1.3 ox/gal
Rust prevention needed for steel, use at least...................................... 2% = 2.6 oz/gal

For use in vibratory, spindle, or tumbling machines:

Rust prevention not needed, use at least......................................... 1/2% = 0.6 oz/gal
Rust prevention needed for steel, use at least.................................... 2% = 2.6 oz/gal

For any use requiring rust prevention on rust-prone surfaces such as cast iron or wrought iron, or under adverse storage conditions

use at least............................................................................ 3% = 3.8 oz/gal
but rarely more than.......................................................... 5% = 6.4 oz/gal

For cleaning and/or rust prevention under any unusually severe

conditions, use up to.............................................................. 10% = 12.8 oz/gal

Recommended concentrations are shown as percent of solution volume and as fluid ounces per gallon of solution. "Steel" above means carbon steel; carbon steel is by far the most common ferrous metal. For alloy steel, as little as 1/2% is adequate for rust prevention.

Use Temperatures & Time Required position of an aluminum alloy is unknown and a cleaning temperature over 100F is needed, test before using. Copper and brass cleaned at elevated temperatures should be rinsed to avoid accelerated surface corrosion. Use at any temperature on ferrous metals, tin, zinc, cadium, magnesium, and bronze.

Has near-zero, unstable foam at any temperature. As most detergents, it removes most substances faster at higher temperatures. Hot solutions, 140F to boil provide the most effective cleaning but "cold" solutions, at ambient temperatures, remove most of the common industrial substances. For some substances, especially if they are solids or very thick at ambient temperatures, hot solutions are essential.

One to 15 minutes are normally required for cleaning parts. The time required for cleaning AND Vibratory Cleaners may be several hours. The time required for cleaning equipment varies greatly; some substances are removed instantly on contact, others need hours.

Rust Prevention

At recommended use dilutions, prevents in-wash rust, and, if not rinsed off, prevents after-wash rust for over two years under normal inside-storage conditions. Treated metals can be machined, stamped, or welded as normally. Treated metals can be painted with SOME paints; always test the paint to be used; if treatment must be removed, remove with water.

The concentration required for rust prevention varies: 2% for carbon steel, as little as 0.5% for alloy steel, 3% to 5% for white cast iron, gray cast iron, or wrought iron. Carbon steel is by far the most common ferrous metal. Concentration data were secured by variations of the test below. Customers report comparable results under actual use conditions. Variations of this test are regularly used by customers to find the minimum effective concentration for a specific part.

Test method using carbon steel chips from a machining operation and a 2% by volume solution of Metalterj #254:

  1. Drain coolant from chips; leave chips dirty.
  2. Prepare 100 milliliters of 2% vol. solution. Pour about 80ml of solution into a container with about 100 ml capacity and a tight-fitting lid.
  3. Add chips; use about 10 grams (= about 1 teaspoonful). Close container. Shake for at least 2 minutes to assure thorough wetting of chips. Pour off all but about 1 ml of solution. Spread chips, wet, on filter paper, on plastic.
  4. Store in intended storage area. After 24 hours and at suitable intervals thereafter, observe for rust on chips or on filter paper.

Test results after storage inside at ambient temps varying from 30F to 90F, and at ambient relative humidity varying from 10% RH to 100% RH:
      After 2 years: No rust. Test discontinued.

Our test experience indicates that if no rust occurs within the first 24 hours, none will occur in subsequent months. A 2% to 5% solution on steel or iron dries in less than 3 hours under common conditions. When dry, the metal has no visual change; it feels smooth and waxy; it is not sticky.

Properties - DOT Class - Precautions

Tested as low as 30F liquid Wet Time**, 3% Sol, 140F 15 seconds
Appearance, 30F-125F clear amber Specific Gravity 1.095
Odor mild Stability Of Surfactants biodegradable
pH, as is/3% Sol 10.0 / 9.5 Fire Hazard noncombustible
Viscosity @ 70F as water Solubility In Water miscible
Foam*, 3% Sol, 70F 1.0 cm Solubility In Hydrocarbons negligible
Foam*, 3% Sol, 140F 0.5 cm DOT-Hazard Label none

*foam........ maximum height after 10-sec severe agitation of 50ml in 6cm-ID cylinder.

**wet tune.... time to sink 2cm-OD ball of 40 sq. cm Kraft towel; water only=2.5 hours.

Alkaline liquid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, especially when undiluted. In case of contact, flush with water, eyes for at least 15 minutes; for eyes, get medical attention. Wear rubber or neoprene gloves if hands must be immersed. Industrial Use Only.

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